Hello everyone,
Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about me!

My name is Marc Aaron Senoner, a graphic designer and visual artist, as well as a trained Sommelier. I was born and raised in the Italian Dolomites, a region in Northern Italy where both free climbing and woodcarving are long-standing traditions. I come from a lineage of artists and adventure seekers and am rooted in my strong, South Tyrolean heritage.
I now proudly call Vancouver, Canada home, and it’s where I’ve honed my passion for art and design and really began experimenting with different media, applications and techniques. I regularly draw inspiration from the city’s natural and built environment; unique amalgamation of disparate cultures and cuisines; and its forward-thinking embrace of being unashamedly local and foreign at the same time. I feel right at home here, and can regularly tap into my “outsider” status to express a non conformist viewpoint. I still have much to learn but I hope that you invest in a few clicks on my site to explore my current work.
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