This is part of a campaign I did to raise awareness for the endangered bees.

A design a made for a fashion magazine. I added a little animation just for fun.

From the famous series "The Boys" I designed this animated superhero using illustrator and After Effects.

The angel cupid and the horse.

A woman sitting on a wall and watching a boat go by

Two divers floating in the water. I wanted to experiment with the shadow reflexions 

A little animation with the bubbles and the crocs eyes

Two cherubs playing instruments. I animated the wings in After Effects

Since I am fascinated by the sea I made this animation of a woman diving with a manta ray.

In this animation I played around with text effects as well as the sharks reflection.

Cuban Life. The tricky part in this one was creating the smoke coming out.

Lookout point in Vancouver

Woman in blue

The escalator

A little bunny animation using After Effects.

A woman resting with animated rainbow background.

I made this GIF with Illustrator in lieu of the #StayHome period we are facing.

To be or not to be is an illustration made on Procreate. I added some bubble coming out of eyes and mouth.

It is time to kick the Corona virus goodbye! United we can win. This animation was made with Procreate, while I was drinking a Corona beer actually!

Diving Animation with a little ripple effect.

Snowboard Jump Animation made in Procreate.

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