This is a series of animal illustrations I did using Illustrator. I wanted to showcase some beautiful animals in their natural habitat and create a nice contrast of colour and shapes .

The Colourful Frenchie is an illustration of a French Bulldog in all its pride and playfulness. Watch out here comes the French Bulldog!

Zebra profile in a frame

The spider playing with its prey.

In this illustration of a chameleon I am experimenting with gradients and patterns. Love the outcome...

The beautiful Clown fish in his natural habitat. The challenge here was to give it the right movement.

An illustration of a very colourful bird

A blue bold eagle


Animal Trio: Cat, dog and tiger

Wolfpack made with Procreate

A blue whale ascending from the depths. I added different textures to the water to make it look more real.

This rubber duck was made in Procreate and I used a masking technique to show different highlights.

Snorkelling Down Under

Winter Wonderland is an illustration I made for the Christmas period. I incorporated Santa and the reindeers.

A gentle giant, the orca whale. Playing around with the reflexion of the water.

A baby giraffe made with illustrator. 

The Gentle Giant

One of my favourite predators, the tiger, in all its beauty and elegance. Never stare straight into his eyes!

I used Illustrator and took inspiration from a National Geographic article.

Hawk's eye

Stranded in the midst of a burning forest this Koala tries to escape the flames by climbing on the only healthy tree left.

Silverback Gorilla

The great white is coming for you! The most graceful and feared creature in the ocean must be protected because of its paramount importance for the entire ecosystem.

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