I love drawing people and characters in Illustrator and Photoshop and play with the shadings and colours. Below a few examples of works I did in the last 7 months.

Surfing, not just a sport, a way of life...

Dress Design (inspiration from the great Alexander McQueen)

Bubble Dress

Illustration I made for a campaign fighting Mental Illness.

This is an illustration I made for the United Nations Verified Global Campaign For Fair Vaccine Access.

An illustration based on the famous fresco by Fra Angelico, with a little changes.

Beauty and elegance of Nature

This illustration is going to be featured in my upcoming children's book about animals and patterns. Stay tuned!

Rainbow Dress is an illustration showing a woman in colourful dress and matching handbag. This is inspired by the new trends in fashion.

The waves are calling

Pearl woman is an illustration inspired by Renaissance painters 

Woman profile inspired by the old Italian Masters

An homage to the great Zaha Hadid

Muralla Roja and Velo chair

Black Lives Matter: Blue Eyes

Daniel in the lion's den - Original masterpiece by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens

Paolo and Francesca - Divine Comedy - Original artwork by Ari Scheffer

I love working with architecture and doing the shadings and light reflections.

A woman diving with a shark. I liked playing with the reflection on the body.

A minimalistic illustration of a woman sitting by the lake. Made in Illustrator

The knight and his horse is an illustration where I used different masking techniques.

Guitar Solo is a minimalistic illustration of a musician in his element.

War plane flying over the Pacific.

A skier on the crosswalk.

Illustration made with Procreate that shows a surfer not giving a darn about the current worldwide pandemic.

Mother Nature is an illustration to symbolise the power of Nature and its female influence.

Mother and Son - No bond is stronger. Made with Illustrator

Summer is around the corner, so I decided to design this guy canoeing. One of my favourite sports.

Happy New Year 2020. I made this to welcome the new year and thought it would be funny to make a baby Mandalorian, since everybody was talking about baby Yoda. Entirely made with Illustrator. 

Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy - Original work by Italian baroque master Artemisia Gentileschi.

One of my favourite cars, the FIAT 500.

Astro Woman, an Illustration where I try to highlight the empty space.

Flower Power

A model posing in the sun. I love working with architectural designs and shapes.

A window to the Rockies following the trompe l'oeil style. I used Illustrator for this design. The challenging part was getting the right proportions for the trees.

Portrait I did with Illustrator for a very special person in my life!

Santorini with all its colours and gorgeous buildings

Another pool project I did with a stunning woman sitting on the edge of the pool. The biggest challenge was to figure out how to make the water appear somewhat real. Did I nail it?

I only used Illustrator for this project. Tell me what you think about it!

Sitting by the ocean and enjoying the view! Do you recognise the famous Cappellini chair?

Marbellous! Ever dreamed about swimming in a pool in the middle of the desert?

Time for a vacation? When you are too busy and all you can do is design an illustration that takes you wherever you want!

I made this one for a dear friend who is a winemaker and Summer and wine are his true passions. How long did it take you to spot the wine glass? If you wonder what type of wine, it is a Pinot Noir, perfect for hot Summer days.

Since Summer is here I designed one of my favourite Tintoretto paintings and wonder why the parrot is not facing the other way. Hope you like it!

My rendition of the famous Lichtenstein painting "The Kiss", I love the bright colours and easy lines.

The Night King was one of my favourite characters on Game of Thrones. This is my take on blue eyes.

This is an engagement illustration I did for a very good friend.

Can you see the lion?

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